Inspiring Thoughts of Sri Amit Ray

Sri Amit Ray

Sri Amit Ray is famous across the world for peace, love, compassion, and positive vibrations. He is an author and a great philanthropist. His words give me inspiration. His words give inspiration to millions. His work has huge impact to improve the dignity and the worth of humanity. He is strong advocate of non-violence as the way for peace. He has the courage of his convictions. He is promoting peace not only in his country but across the world. By his words and efforts Amit Ray helped to make the world a better and safer place.

Reading and collecting great quotes is one of my hobbies. Whenever I get some time, I turn to my books or internet for some inspiration and words of wisdom. I am giving below the words of wisdom of Amit Ray, that will inspire you, motivate you and lead you to success by achieving your goals. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Amit Ray is an example of a big heart, an honest mind, sound instincts, the virtue of patience and an abiding love for the common people. His work is helping to awaken the conscience of the people across the world. He addresses these issues with extraordinary vigor, integrity and selflessness. A man of greatness of spirit, he works for the fellow human beings to live in freedom and happiness. Some of his famous quotes are:

Compassion stands on the pillars of trust, love, awareness and detachment. – Amit Ray


Compassion is like mother giving love to her children. Mother’s ways are higher than others, even when everyone rejects, mother accepts with her arms open and wide. – Amit Ray


Compassion is all inclusive. Compassion knows no boundaries. Compassion comes with awareness, and awareness breaks. – Amit Ray


Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. Beauty arises when soul is satisfied.  — Amit Ray


At the core of your heart, you are perfect and pure. No one and nothing can alter that. – Amit Ray


As the flower blooms in spring, compassion grows in mindfulness. – Amit Ray

Inspiring thoughts of Amit Ray

God is whispering in your heart, in the whole existence, just tune your ears. – Amit Ray


I have created this collection of powerful inspiring thoughts and image quotes to remind you of your true power of compassion. Compassion is deep inside of you and every other person on this planet. I am looking at the world from a large window now. I can see the beauty of every life. I invite you too to see the world from a larger window.


Beyond Sadness of Life – Daily Thoughts

At the core of your heart, you are perfect and pure. No one and nothing can alter that.  ~ Amit Ray

Amit Ray Quotes

Sometimes, sadness comes to me without any notice, purpose or reason. I feel like life is really hard, no one understand me. Essentially, I was being robbed of my right to feel self pity.  I had a friend and we became good friends. She often ate the evening meal with me, and I became involved. I remember, she laughed with me. I used to hang out with her.  I thought our relationship was fine, but then I suddenly decided to ditch her and hook up with someone else – not for anything but just for fun. She just asked me why I was ignoring her and acting like that!! But finally life ditched me.

Now,  I realize how wrong I was. She is no more in this world. I can’t forgive me. I still feel lonely, because I don’t really feel for deep friendship with any one.  I have never felt anything so beautiful in my life compared to what she had given me. She was a perfect soul, a beautiful spirit, a beautiful energy. Thank you for making life exciting for me, giving me something to look forward too, thank you for caring about me worrying about me when no one else would of even noticed me. Now those memories come back and knock me and I can’t forget those.  I cant understand why I feel like this now.

“I felt like crying but nothing came out. it was just a sort of sad sickness, sick sad, when you can’t feel any worse. I think you know it. I think everybody knows it now and then. but I think I have known it pretty often, too often.” ~ Charles Bukowski

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” ~ Albert Einstein

Quotes on Nature Beauty

Some of the greatest wisdom regarding the beauty of nature are captured.  The seven inspirational quotes on nature’s beauty are:

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. — Gary Snyder


If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore; and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God which had been shown! But every night come out these envoys of beauty, and light the universe with their admonishing smile.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher. — William Wordsworth


Looking beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind. — Amit Ray


Wild roses are fairest, and nature a better gardener than art. — Louisa May Alcott


Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself. — Henry David Thoreau


Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve. — Max Planck