You are a Divine Being – Let your wild voice guide you

We really are all experts at reading one another, having all practiced it all our lives. This doesn’t mean we can’t be fooled, by any means. But we are novice at reading our inner being. As your inner voice grows in clarity and strength, your inspiration will go up. Begin to attune to that inspiring station from within. Listen as it guides you to new levels of creativity and operation. Your inner voice will put few or no limits on your life. Only the many outer voices of others who allow them selves to live a life of mediocrity will do so. Listen to you inner instincts, not just to your mental reservations but to your body as well. Discomfort with a decision often manifests as physical symptoms such as nausea, agitation. You may easily miss these as signs that you’re uncomfortable with the decision you’ve made or are about to make, but if you pay attention you’ll likely find you have the same physical reactions to ignoring your inner voice time after time.


“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions draw out your own inner voice” – Steve Jobs

“Fly blindly, trust is full of magic. Let your wild voice guide the way.”  ― Vironika Tugaleva

“If something on the inside is telling you that someone isn’t right for you, they’re NOT right for you, no matter how great they might look on paper. When it’s right for you, you will know. And when it’s not – it’s time to go.” ― Mandy Hale

“Beautify your inner dialogue. Beautify your inner world with love light and compassion. Life will be beautiful.”  – Amit Ray